Lord Beden Powell National Award

The Lord Beden Powell National Award were constituted in 2007 by The Scouts/Guides Organisation one of the largest scout/guide movement of India to recognise outsatanding achievements.

Criteria of Award
The Award will be conferred to those eminent personalities who are actively associated in the expansion of thoughts and Ideals on Peace, Harmony , National Integration and Service to Humanity. People who have executed their roles with extreme sincerity & dedication in the field of Youth Development, Social activities to ensure the sustainable growth of the Down- Trodden during the precarious conditions, Women- Empowerment, Scientific & Technical Development, Judiciary, Literature, Education, Art & Culture, Media & Communications, Agricultural Development, Industrialization, Drama & Theatre and many others fields will be honored by this Award.

Selection by Jury :
The Jury comprises of 5 members belonging to relevant fields. The Jury is responsible to scrutinize the short listed nominees & evaluate the likely benefits to be derived by the common man by his / her work. In the final stage, the nominee is selected on the basis of importance of his /her qualification, experience, & impact of his/her research for the overall benefit of the common man and its essential ingredient for the development of the country in the respective fields. The Jury whose decision is final is forwarded to the Organisation & finally approved by the National Commissioner for India after Discussion with the Executive Members.

Distribution of Award :
The Award Selection Committee will choose the Personalities on the basis of their achievements and contributions. The Award Ceremony is observed on the Occasion of Birth Anniversary of Lord Beden Powell. The Awards will be conferred by the President, Vice- President, Governor, Prime- Minister, Home Minister of India, or any other high officials of Govt. of India.

Appoint diverse selection committees and committee chairs.

Diverse committees provide access to a wider set of networks from which to cultivate nominations, and several recent studies have shown that more diverse groups with a greater breadth of perspectives make better decisions. Committee members and chairs from underrepresented groups may cushion against unintentional stereotyping. Do not expect committee members from under-represented groups to advocate for diversity - it is everyone's responsibility.

Generate a large and diverse pool of nominees.

When appropriate, encourage such groups to make nominations.

Periodically review and discuss practices for building a pool of nominees.

Examine lists of nominees, short-lists of nominees, and winners of awards for historical patterns with an eye towards gender or other under-represented groups.

Periodically review the description and guidelines for the award.

Particular attention should be paid to the language used to describe the award -- e.g., are the words used associated more often with males than females? -? as well as restrictions that could disproportionately affect certain groups.

Avoid Conflict of Interest.

Committee members should make clear any connection they may have with a person under consideration for an award, and come to a decision that is agreeable with other committee members with respect to their participation in further discussions.